Roman at the March for Life


Christian E. '20, Staff Writer

The March for Life, held January 24th, 2020 in Washington D.C. had a massive  half-million people in attendance. Over 40 were from here at Broad and Vine. The crowd was so massive I couldn’t even see the president (Donald Trump) speak and I could barely move. There were young children, young people, middle aged adults, and elderly persons. Everyone showed up to support the March and what it stands for. So many people did this out of religion and support for God and life. However, some individuals did get political and this resulted in some
conflict with people who were not pro-life.  I do feel without a doubt this March was worth it and how people came together was inspirational. It was incredible to see so many people stand together for something they believe in. Even if you don’t have an opinion or have an opposing opinion on the topic, none of us can deny how important it is for us to all stand together as a people, including the unborn. United we stand, divided we fall.