2023’ers Experiencing All Catholic High has to Offer

2023'ers Experiencing All Catholic High has to Offer

Matthew R. '23 & Daniel D. '23, Staff Writers

Matthew ’23:

Roman has many great things to offer at the school. We are all about getting students involved with different clubs, sports, and much more. We have over 17 different varsity sports that students can join. Roman also helps students prepare for college, as 96% of the Roman graduates attend college. I am the team manager for the Roman Catholic Ice Hockey Team. I get to go to every game with the team and stand on the benches with team. This is one thing I’m very proud to be apart of. Another good. thing is the baseball team. I plan on playing for the team if I make it. We also have a very strong brotherhood. The school I used to go to was very “un-brotherhood like.” Watching people make poor choices challenged me to be better. I knew Roman was in a safe neighborhood and it is a safe, good school. I also chose to go to Roman because of my cousin told me I should come here. Roman so far has been very good to me and I hope on attending college and becoming a cop.  These are all the reasons why I chose Roman Catholic and what really interested me in coming to Roman. The journey has been very good. Roman Catholic doesn’t bluff about what they say and mean. They really do live up to the expectations!

Daniel ’23:

My name is Daniel and I grew up in Northeast Philadelphia. I am a freshman here at Roman Catholic High School. I came here to Roman to make new friends and to find new opportunities for my future. I am finding both! The year started out very quiet but I had hope. My friend, Shane ’23, stated “this year started off slow, but as I made more friends it started to go maybe a little too fast.” After a couple weeks of school I made many friends and kept my grades up in class. I played fall ball for Roman’s Baseball team and it gave me a good realization on how high school ball is played. Then, the first quarter wrapped up and I ended up with first honors and I am still pushing myself to do better. I hope to study Law or in Medicine in the future and I know personally that Roman will help me succeed in this goal. My time here will help me become a successful young adult.