Field Trip: Philosophy and Government


Rigel D. '22, Staff Writer

Catholic High’s Government and Politics teacher, Mr. John Corrigan, recently took students on a trip to the American Philosophical Society in Philadelphia. Students took time to learn from a group which celebrates some of the greatest minds in the past centuries.

The American Philosophical Society (APS) was founded by Benjamin Franklin, James Alexander, Francis Hopkinson, John Bartram, and Philip Syng Jr. to exemplify the knowledge obtainable through the research of sciences and humanities. With former members such as George Washington Baron Von Steuben at the forefront, it’s not surprising this group has attracted many great thinkers since.  Presently, the APS dedicates it’s time and resources to better the minds of others, as research remains a primary goal.

Students in Catholic High went to the Philosophical Hall, otherwise known as the American Philosophical Society Museum, to study the importance of maps. There are a variety of exhibits that are presented at the Hall to showcase the various forms of knowledge used throughout the years that have helped to advance human development.

Our Students learned the presence of maps in the origins of the US and how the simple tool gave a massive amount of assistance to the forefathers of our country. Students had time to give their thoughts on it by writing a reflection afterwards for their teacher. Many students approved of the trip and agreed that it was informative and useful. Students will go on a trip next spring again to the APS Museum.