Club Highlight: Awesome Ambassadors

Brent E. '22

Have you ever seen the crew of students who are at almost every Roman event? You might have noticed our awesome Ambassador crew. Mr. McAndrew of the Social Studies Department is moderator for the club. This club is a great way to get service hours and be part of events at Roman, including Open Houses, Tours, Fundraising Dinners, and the Romauction. I would highly consider joining The ambassador club to be apart of the fun and super great events that Roman has.  As stated on the school’s website: “The purpose of this club is to promote student leadership and avenues of service through real and practical public relations activities. The students will first be trained in all the rules of etiquette and proper deportment that pertain to school leadership and a positive image. Special time and emphasis will be further devoted to developing their public communication skills, for they will represent Roman Catholic High School at all public functions and activities. Students in grades 10 through 12 are eligible to apply for this organization.”  As Nick Deihl ’22 says, “we are the face of Roman.” Ryan Kober ’22  agreed: “Ambassadors is a good way to get involved in Roman.” If anyone is interested in joining ambassadors, applications will be in the Student Affairs Office in January!  Come be the face of Roman.