Administrator Rad has Radical Plans for Roman

Administrator Rad has Radical Plans for Roman

Rigel D. '22

Mr. David Rad grew up in Port Richmond and went to Nativity BVM for his elementary education. He is a 2007 Roman graduate and studied at High Point University in High Point, North Carolina for both his undergraduate and graduate degrees.

Before arriving at Roman, Mr. Rad worked in North Carolina at Immaculate Heart of Mary School as a middle school math teacher, science teacher, athletic director, and parish youth minister for four years. Another job of his was at Bishop McGuinness High School in North Carolina as an assistant principal, director of studies, and a math teacher for three years.

Mr. Rad believes that Roman gives students the opportunity to give their all, no matter the obstacles. The brotherhood of Roman sets up an environment that spreads vital leadership skills to the students. Roman helps bring students out of their comfort zones so that they try new things and obtain new goals. Mr. Rad believes one of the greatest parts of Roman is the sheer diversity of the school. It brings students from all across the Delaware Valley. Roman has a student from at least every neighborhood in Philly and some from Delaware and New Jersey. Mr. Rad believes our sense of tradition and the weight we put on service make our students stand out from the rest.

As a teacher, for Mr. Rad participation is key and helps connect the various information found in mathematics. Mr. Rad is also our Assistant Principal of Student Affairs with his main focus being to help students get involved. He wishes for students to be in something bigger than themselves. He assures students that they will be able to follow their passions. He will personally help a student who has brought up a club idea and give his utmost effort to help them create it.

Mr. Rad has a few hobbies with a notable one being his admiration for the Philly sports team. He has no favorite or least favorite as all he cares about is the Philly spirit that comes from our teams winning. He is also active himself, partaking in white water rafting and rock climbing. Mr. Rad is excited to be able to bring back the Rock Climbing club
into Roman if possible. He has a niece and nephew that he hangs around and has fun with.  Said Mr. Rad: “Roman will always be my second home and family.”