Sports Season Summary: Soccer

Josh I. '21

The Sad Ending:

Roman Catholic’s soccer season came to a not-so-happy ending, with a second place PCL ranking after losing a hard fought battle with LaSalle in the championship. This one of a kind story breaks hearts around the city.

Varsity Level:
Roman Catholic’s varsity team, though not winning the league title, was very successful this year with one of the most talented teams Roman has ever seen. Finishing with three losses and sixteen wins, they have one of the best records in Roman Soccer history. Even with their great success the road to the championship was not easy, playing Saint Joseph’s Prep and Archbishop Wood in the playoffs. Saint Joseph’s Prep held steadfast and Roman Catholic was able to secure the victory in penalty kicks with the Senior Goalie Kevin Tobin clinching the game with a monumental save to set the final score at 5-4. Archbishop Wood was no different; that game ended with an astonishing goal scored by Senior Captain Kieran Donnelly late in the second half. Looking forward the team was anticipating a challenging championship game with LaSalle. Both teams’ efforts pushing the game into penalty kicks only led to the Roman side remembering the wrenching loss of last year. After a heartbreaking loss in penalty kicks, we as a school will remember the soccer team, not by the losses they’ve endured, but by the persistent strive for greatness and success in achieving a spot in the championship game in the last six years. The team not only plays with each other, but more importantly, for each other.

Junior Varsity:
Junior Varsity was always a crucial building point for payers whose futures will decide the fate of Varsity. This year the team had an amazing record, winning eleven games and losing seven. Going into the season the team hadn’t had much success, losing three of their first five games. They had very poor chemistry as their was some returning Juniors, new sophomores, and new incoming freshmen. The team held their heads high in hope that they would prevail, which they did, winning the majority of their latter half of their season games. The team captains, Sophomore Jimmy Davis, Freshman Ben MacLeod, and Junior Alfredo Pantalone pushed the team to strive for success and to build bonds within each other that would last lifetimes. They played with each other and most importantly are brothers to each other.

The freshman team excitedly and unexpectedly finished with a positive record this season. Going into the season the team didn’t have much confidence in themselves, but with a new coach, Anthony Bottoms, on the staff this year they saw great results. Each player worked their hearts out for each other and strove to be better. Coach Bottoms pushed these kids to their limits which ultimately brought them success. Their bonds grew and so did their yearn for success. As they went into their season they started to win more games exponentially. The team and coach a very happy with these small success which won the overall battle and the program is excited to see what they will bring to the table next year.

The Birth of New Beginnings:

Next year is a new beginning, with new players coming into the program and old players improving. We have high hopes for next year and hope to see as much support as we have in the past, striving to better us and encouraging us to seize success with a mighty grip.