The Lines Are Drawn in Social Studies Class!


Spring 2019

Colin L. '21, Staff Writer

Over the course of the Fall and the Spring, students in the Honors Government and Politics Class led by Mr. Corrigan, participated in a successful year surrounding the Draw the Lines Competion. People from all over the Pennsylvania area would create maps that would surpass the competition standards and totally dominate the competitions status. Roman Students showed compassion, strength, and successfully strived for the recognition we deserved.

In February, the first competition finally concluded, with winners leading the East Division in this competition. Winners from the fall competition included: myself, Colin Long, East Division Champion, Derek Nguyen, East Division Runner Up, and Honorable Mentions: Oisin Carthy, D’Kai Duncan, Nate Butler, Sean Greeby, and Timothy Krapp.

On February 6th, some of the participants including myself and Mr. Corrigan had Representative Roman Catholic at the championship round in the Rotunda of the State Capitol in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. The Committee of Seventy had proposed this plan with high intentions that there would be a successful turnout.

When Roman had found out about this competition, We represented the school thoroughly, and worked hard for a great reputation. Mr. Corrigan had emphasized the importance of civic engagement, and the ability to create these perplexing maps with strategy and concentration.

More recently, interviewers like Catholic Philly interviewed myself, as well as Derek Nguyen with questions regarding what our most important topic was concerning our maps. One of my most important topics was competitiveness while, Derek on the other had a different idea. He was going more for compactness then competitiveness. In conclusion, this was a huge success for us, Roman Students as we approached this arduous fulfillment, and made the best for it!