Catholic Schools Week: Reflection on What Matters at Roman


Ryan K. '22, Staff Writer

Roman Catholic High School celebrated Catholic Schools Week from January 27 to February 2. The week started with a school mass to give thanks to God for allowing us to receive a Catholic education. The week was not only about giving thanks to God, but also having fun. It was a very fun week here at Roman, filled with games like “Escape the Room.” On Tuesday, January 29, many students stayed after school to participate in the “Escape the Room” activity. Students were split into groups of five and went into different rooms throughout the school. The students then had to answer a series of questions, and once completed, they could escape the room. “Escape the Room” was very fun and everyone that participated really enjoyed it. “Student Appreciation Day” was a day all about students. We received pretzels from school and participated in a fun assembly. During the Assembly, students got to wrap their teachers in toilet paper and compete in competitions against other classes. The students also got to play their teachers in a game of volleyball! The week was amazing, but none of it could have happened without the teachers. Roman also had a “Teacher Appreciation Day” to give thanks to all of its amazing teachers.  At teacher appreciation day, two faculty members Mr. James Murphy of the Theology Department (pictured above) and Mrs. Maureen Brown of the Student Activities Office Catholic were each honored for 25 years of Service to Roman.  Schools Week 2019 was successful, and all of us here at Roman cannot wait until next year’s Catholic Schools Week.