Joyful Noise at the Annual Christmas Concert


Ryan K. '22, Staff Writer

On December 13, Roman Catholic High School’s band and choir got together and performed at the annual Christmas concert. The leader of the program, Dr. Sangbum Kim, put a lot of work into making the concert happen. The concert featured various groups of instruments. The string ensemble, lead by Ms. Carolina Diazgranados, preformed Jingle Bells. This was the first time the string ensemble preformed at the Christmas concert. The RCHS band, led by Mr. Phil Giordano, Mr. William Douglas, and Mr. Daniel Orlock, played a variety of songs. Some of the songs that the band played were “Christmas Jazz Suites”, “The Tempest”, and “Canon of Peace.” The band did an excellent job, and they sounded terrific. Not only were instruments being played, but the RCHS Chorus sang. The chorus sang songs like “The Little Drummer Boy,” “Angels Sing Glory”, and “A Christmas Serenade.” At the end of the night, the audience was able to join in and sing a few Christmas songs. Everyone watching the performances had a marvelous time. All of the talent made the show wonderful.  Each and every year the band grows, and with that comes more talent. Dr. Kim, Mr. (Joseph) Randzo, and all of the other music teachers did an excellent job in preparing for the concert. Everyone did a great job and it was a fun night for everyone.