Important Issues Debated at International Student Summit


Aidan C. '20, Staff Writer

It is not very often that students of all backgrounds, whether they be racial ethnic, economic, religious, or any other, convene in one place to discuss and debate major world affairs. However, when students join together at events like these, the end result is often very spectacular. I had the privilege of returning to an event like this, thanks to the World Affairs Club at Roman Catholic. The club enjoys a very promising future, with more freshman joining than each year before, it shows a huge potential of being the next big thing at our growing school.
The World Affairs club pulls members in from all over our school, with each of them joining for their own reasons. The club is able to grow because it offers students a wide variety of opportunities. Whether it be giving the student a place to meet new people of different backgrounds, make new friends, or because of a simple interest in the intricate, and at times fragile, geopolitical bonds that hold our world together. Each student is able to express themselves in a way that they cannot normally do anywhere else. At the centerfold of all this action is the International Students Summit held at the Temple School of Business on December 11th 2018. Being one of the students called to represent my school as I had last year, I again got to meet with my like-minded classmates and engage with other students eager to make their voices heard on issues that not only present themselves to our leaders today, but to the very same students who will lead in the future.
Arriving at Temple, it is easy to notice the great potential that each student possess. The theme for this year’s summit was Africa Rising. The main topic of discussion being Africa’s future and how developed countries should begin to help multiple third world countries like the ones on that grand continent. Each students’ job was the same, all were chosen as delegates to represent a country at random. Given these roles each student put their critical thinking, public speaking and problem solving skills to the test in an attempt to pass a resolution that would come to benefit the African continent as a whole. With the sound of speeches, debates, and compromises filling the air, the students pushed aside their differences and came together to pass such a resolution that was met with a great applause at the end.
For me however, the highlight of the trip was hearing our guest speaker, Mr. Ellington Arnold. Mr. Arnold is a member of the US State department, and has been working extensively in many regions of Africa to ensure that the countries can develop peaceful and prosperous futures in tomorrow’s world. It is not surprising that many people may come to think that the events that play our in an overseas, foreign country, far away will not impact our daily life, but that assumption is simply false. Ellington Arnold had at times referenced the triumphs and perils that face a more interconnected and globalized world. Because of the tight bonds developing between such a world, it is now more important than ever that we, as Americans, take notice of Africa’s future so that it becomes stable and prosperous for the whole community. And due to the increasingly globalized world we live in, it is also now easier than ever. Mr. Arnold is a man that has traveled extensively to this historic continent and he, and many others like him, helps develop a positive future for the millions of people living in Africa. Meeting someone like Mr. Arnold who is making actual changes in our global environment is something I owe to the Summit, and one experience I will not forget.
All these things and more show us why the International Students Summit is a place where the leaders of tomorrow solve the problems of today.