Christmas Spirit Alive for all Cahillites!


Colin L. '21, Staff Writer

As the 2018 Christmas festivities kick off for Roman Catholic High School, there are many decorations placed around the building including the new nativity scene. This important feature that has just been added in Roman was hung up in the courtyard, and was delivered to Roman by a crane. It’s not just the new nativity scene that topped off Romans festivities but also the tree lighting that happened in the courtyard on December 7th, was hosted by the wonderful Fathers Club and Mothers Club. There was also the Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) Christmas Party which occurred that weekend. Christmas is celebrated very uniquely here at Roman Catholic, and I had the chance to take some photos of all the wonderful decorations here at Roman Catholic. You can view the pictures on this article. Many of them include Christmas trees, wreaths, nativity scenes, and much more. We, The student body have taken so much effort into making sure we, and many other families have a wonderful Christmas and New Years. It’s not only the Christmas decorations that are making it special but the birth of Christ which we hold so important in our lives today. In remembering the birth of God’s son we have shown this hence examples of kindness, attitude, gratefulness, and giving back to the community!

 Roman Catholic holds many true qualities, and we hope to create much more as time goes on. On December 21st, Roman Catholic will end the school day with mass, and start Christmas break. The community of Roman hopes to start the new year with a terrific start, and much more to create, and begin. Roman emphasis generosity, and with the Christmas holiday coming up it will be the perfect intention to giving back. We hope to keep spreading the message of Thomas E. Cahill, and continue to do good things, I wish you all a very Merry Christmas, and a happy New Year!