Sitting Down with Mr. Tarducci: A Promising Future

Sitting Down with Mr. Tarducci: A Promising Future

Colin L. '21, Staff Writer

Since the start of the 2018-2019 school year, there have been a number of school changes that have been made.  One of the most important is the leadership of our new principal, Mr. Vincent Tarducci ’02.

I got to speak with Mr. Tarducci, and he is tremendously excited to be serving as Principal for his first full year. Mr. Tarducci explained that “we will make a commitment to the students for what life has in store.” It may seem small, Mr. Tarducci explains, but he’s already seen a change in the student body. He emphasizes that, “when you put on a purple sweater, the expectation is to respect God, yourself, and others.”

I also got the chance to ask our principal what the academic goal is for Roman Catholic’s “Vision of Promise.” Is it to increase the student body, or to interest the student body? Mr. Tarducci explained that, “the goal is not to increase the student body, but to interest them. The primary goal is to provide a well-rounded curriculum for our students. The Vision of promise is a commitment to enhance are already solid curriculum.” The Goals for Roman are a huge necessity for this school whether it’s in the extracurricular activities, the academic, or the discipline in the School.

Mr. Tarducci also shared that the ultimate goal for every student is to “reach their fullest potential by developing their God given talents. He expressed that “although there are big changes, especially with the code of conduct, the ultimate goal is to have every student set up for success.”