Big Brothers Make a Big Impact


Stephen H. '19, Staff Writer

Each new year brings a brand new influx of freshman to the school family. Here at Roman Catholic, the senior class has supplied some of its best leaders to serve as Big Brothers to the freshman- acting mentors to them in their homeroom. This school year, the Big Brother program introduced a brand new points system to make the High School experience even better for our underclassmen.

Acting as a year long competition, the points system is a means for each freshman homeroom to compete against one another based on their collective academic, participation and disciplinary efforts. In short, each homeroom has three Big Brothers: one each for academics, discipline and activities. The individual Big Brothers track the freshman grades and academic effort to obtain points. The Big Brothers encourage freshman to get involved, and the freshmen earn points for their involvement in clubs, sports and school events. Finally, the Big Brother for discipline tracks his homeroom to make sure all students comply with the dress code, while deducting points for individual student lateness and detentions, while most importantly serving as an aide to encourage our newest Cahillites to make good choices.

The new program was initiated by the Big Brother moderators, Mrs. Betsy Smith and Ms. Antoinette High. They have both seen success with the new program, “I really like the new program. I feel like it’ll work as a good incentive for the freshman. The program helps the seniors interact more with the freshman as well.” said Ms. High.  As for the Big Brothers, they have seen success with the new program, “The program is really helping the freshman get involved and get any help they need.” said D-1 Big Brother Nick Torelli. As the Coordinator of the Discipline component for the Big Brothers, I’ve gotten a chance to see all the different freshman homerooms on a daily basis, and there is a clear impact in terms of the freshmen participation already. Going forward, the program looks to continue its great work. As per Mrs. Smith, “It’s important to motivate the freshmen and get them involved. This year we have a great group of Big Brothers.”