The Howard Center Shows Dedication at Roman


Aidan C. '20, Staff Writer

Roman has a history that draws in many new students looking to add to the legacy in these
halls. Now, Roman adds to its history the induction of a new building, the Howard Center for the
Arts. The new complex is a building which allows students to showcase their skills in Music, Art, Physics, and much, much more. It is a building that allows students to present their skills not only to their teachers and fellow Cahillites, but also to the world. What many students find most extraordinary about this building is the Alumni contributions that made its creation possible.

What makes these changes so revolutionary is that The Howard Center is just the beginning. Roman is taking the initiative to foster an environment that creates the best opportunities for its student body to succeed.

With the Howard Center now established, Roman plans on instating a new, state-of-the-Art STEM Center for the students who show an interest in Math and Science as part of its ongoing “Vision of Promise” initiative. Similarly, the school is establishing a new courtroom to improve the abilities of our already incredible Mock Trial Program. With all these new facilities, Roman is now a trailblazer, taking the lead in the Archdiocese to provide its students with an education that readies our students for the challenges they will face outside these hallowed halls.

The induction of the Howard Center on September 18, 2018 was a tribute that involved all the notable alumni, the current faculty, and the students who were ever-grateful for the generous donation. Seeing all the alumni and generous donors who contributed to the Center showed how many people believe in our abilities as young men. The presence of the contributors at the event and shaking their hands, for me, was an inspiration to do more. It was a vote of confidence in the students that we intend to hold up.

Two students in particular made speeches thanking our generous donors. Raheem Murphy, a senior and president of the Ambassadors who were present at the luncheon and induction, using his abundant charisma, gave an opening speech thanking the donors. Raheem as one of the nicest and most intelligent of students in his class, was an obvious choice when deciding on who to give the opening speech. He is a student who is the pinnacle of what it means to be a Roman Man. Another student, Ryan Frank of the Class of 2020, gave a speech about his background and his abilities. Ryan, the son of immigrant parents, is a model all students should aspire to live up to. He not only is ranked in the top ten of the class, but he is actively involved in many extracurricular activities such as wrestling and mock trial, among others. It is students like Raheem and Ryan who show that these donations were not made in vain. They are living proof that Roman possess the capacity to make more and more moves in the right direction.

Our President, Rev. Joseph Bongard, summed it up best at the induction by saying, “While you hear more and more of Catholic Schools closing or merging, Roman story is a story of success and expansion.”