Physics Comes Alive!


Stephen H. '19, Staff Writer

On Thursday, May 24th , Mr. Cameron treated his Physics students, with the annual trip to the Six Flags: Great Adventure Theme Park in New Jersey. The amusement park holds some of the most famous roller coasters on the east coast, like El Toro, The Bizarro, and the towering Kingda Ka, which stands as the tallest (and possibly the fastest!) roller coaster in the world. The park also featured many DC hero-themed attractions, like rides based on Superman, Batman and the Green Lantern, as well as other attractions based off Looney Tunes and Tom and Jerry, two other franchises from their partner Warner Bros.

In addition to the coasters, connected to Kingda Ka is the towering free drop ride, Zumanjaro, which is the world’s largest free drop ride in the world, standing at a whopping 415 feet, just below the peak of its counterpart coaster. Reviews of the trip were overwhelmingly positive:

“The trip was extremely fun, I wish there was more time to see all the attractions in the park.”~ Daniel
McGinley (’19)

“My favorite part was riding the El Toro coaster.”~ Connor Lord (’19)

“I loved the Superman ride. You can’t go to Six Flags without riding it.”~ Devon Newton (’19)

“Kingda Ka was much more insane than I had previously anticipated.”~ Anthony Pantalones (’19)

Personally my favorite ride was the Bizarro, a coaster that has nine loops and flamethrowers on its border. Overall, the trip was a great way to end the school year, and hopefully Juniors next year can enjoy it as well.