Roman A.S.I.S.T’s its Loyal Alumni


Billy M. '18, Co-Editor-in-Chief

The A.S.I.S.T. Program is one of the most special things we do here at Roman.
A.S.I.S.T., or the Alumni-Student Intergenerational Service Team, connects Roman’s Seniors with elderly alumni in need of some more social interaction. Led by our very own Mr. Edward Keenan ’54,this group brings joy to the lives of Cahillite alumni, and most recently, a few of us have had the pleasure to meet and talk with an alum who has lived an amazing life, Mr. Joe Doyle ’44. At the age
of 93, Mr. Doyle is still as lively and enthusiastic as ever.

Mr. Doyle grew up in Brewerytown, where he attended St. Ludwig German Elementary School. He then enrolled at Roman Catholic, where he was an active member of theater and the Cheerleading team, and he graduated in 1944. Within six weeks of his graduation, he joined the Navy, and he served in the South Pacific during the end of World War II. Once he returned home, he began a career in education. He began teaching at an elementary school, and eventually became a principal. He then taught at a middle school, where he again became the principal. Finally, he taught at Olney High School, where he once again served as an administrator.

Working at each of these schools has given Mr. Doyle experience with young people at three different levels of education. He has a few children and many grandchildren, one of whom will be attending Roman in September, continuing the Cahillite tradition in his family. He now lives in Ann’s Choice Retirement Community in Warminster.

Meeting Mr. Doyle was an incredible and enlightening experience. I along with fellow senior Julian Massey met him in November, and seniors Zach Demusz, Greg Maddox, David Waskiewicz, and Kevin Marcinek met him in February, and each one of us has had an equally amazing time talking with him. He greeted us with donuts, so clearly he’s in touch with us hungry high school students. After hearing his story, he showed us his yearbook from the class of 1944, along with his letter he received at graduation, and it was so interesting to see what Roman was like during these days and how much it has changed.

It was also amazing to see how responsive and lively Mr. Doyle was. We had a lot of questions about his time at Roman and his life in general, and he answered us like he had just experienced all of these memories yesterday. At his age we would be lucky to have half the memory he has. In addition, he was so articulate and relaxed when speaking with us. It was obvious that his experience as an educator made it easy for him to interact with kids our age. It was also very clear that his love for Roman is still so strong. Every year he attends the Communion Breakfast, and he was very curious to hear how different it is now at Broad and Vine. Speaking with Mr. Doyle is something that I and all of my fellow seniors will never forget.

Every future senior should consider joining A.S.I.S.T. Thanks to Mr. Keenan, I and many others have had the pleasure to meet an incredible Roman alum, and that experience is something that I will carry with me for many years to come.