Veteran’s Day Assembly Reminds Student Body of What is Important

American flag and church steeple against very clear blue sky

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American flag and church steeple against very clear blue sky

Declan M. '18, Co-Editor-in-Chief

With over a century of graduating classes, Roman Catholic has had alumni fight in every major American conflict since the Spanish American War. These alumni were the brave men honored on Veteran’s day at Roman Catholic. Following morning classes, the Juniors and Seniors made their way up to the historic third floor gym in order to attend an assembly crafted to pay homage to all veterans, but most especially those that attended Roman. The Sophomores and Freshmen could not fit in the gym for the presentation, but were able to watch a live stream of the events in their homerooms.

The assembly included multiple speakers, the gathering of veterans who had gone to Roman and whose children currently attend, and a collection letters and documents relating to graduates who served in the military. The event was somber, acknowledging the sacrifices made by millions of Americans and, by extension, hundreds of Roman graduates, yet also celebratory, recognizing how those sacrifices help to preserve American freedom. This event was an important reminder for all who attended that Roman graduates are not only scholars, but also model citizens.