Club Feature: SADD’s Happy Annual Christmas Party

This year, SADD welcomed over 30 kids on Sunday, December 10, and it was a huge success.


Billy M. '19, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Every year, the Students Against Destructive Decisions, led by the incomparable Mrs.
Brown, throw a Christmas party at school for underprivileged children and their families in the
area. This year, SADD welcomed over 65 kids on Sunday, December 10, and it was a huge
success. Prior to the event, each homeroom was assigned a child, and they each raised enough
money to buy their child the presents they requested. On the day of the party, SADD members,
dressed as elves, greeted the guests and kept them company. The kids were treated to lunch,
followed by a presentation of a different take on the Nativity pageant.

Next, they were taken up to the gym, filled with games and face paint. Then, it was time for Santa’s arrival. One by one, the children sat on Santa’s lap and received the presents they asked for. They entire day was filled with fun and laughter, and it was as fulfilling an experience for the SADD members as it
was for the children. This Christmas party is one of the most important events run by SADD, and
with the guidance of Mrs. Brown, it is never a disappointment.