National Society Members Continue to Honor the Roman Way

The National NHS Logo

The National NHS Logo

Evan M. '18, Staff Writer

November 14, 2017 marked an important day for the select juniors and seniors that were selected to become a part of the Cahill chapter of the National Honor Society.

This ceremony gave a chance for a Roman alumni to come back and share his experiences and wisdom with these students. This year’s keynote speaker was none  other than the head of NBC’s social media’s. In his speech, he detailed his time withCross Country, classes with former teachers, and life lessons he learned through academics, athletics, and service. He told them that it would be through these
experiences they have that will give them the ability to lead in the world today.

These men had proven to both themselves and their peers that they are willing to work hard and dedicate their time to be the newest academic leaders of Roman Catholic. The ceremony inducting these student were led by none other than President of NHS, John Paul Stevens, along with leaders Brian Thai, Matthew Hirst, and Daniel Contreras- Francisco, where each of them detailed the true meaning of being a part of NHS: showing leadership, scholarship, service, and character.

It is through these characteristics that our NHS leaders sent the newest inductees off to be leaders in the school. By earning a place in NHS, more than thirty juniors and seniors will take the initiative and responsibility to lead by example, spend their time in service to both their school and community, give academic tutoring and advice to those who require it, and act with the maturity that allowed them to be a part of NHS.