STEM: Roman’s Night with AECOM

Declan M. '18, Co-Editor

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, also shortened to STEM, describes a vast array of interests, career paths, and specializations that has seen growing emphasis in the curricula of many schools in recent years. It is precisely that emphasis that led to an event in the McShain Information Center titled “Building Bridges with STEM” on September 20, 2017, a night that involved talks given by professionals from AECOM (a local firm), Engineering Powerhouse, and the Schuylkill Banks Project, an ongoing development that seeks to create a trail along the Schuylkill river to the Delaware River.

Following the presentations offered by our guest speakers, a networking session between members of our own engineering class, guests from Little Flower High School, and professional engineers took place, accompanied by pizza and refreshments.

After information was exchanged and some interesting conversations held, the attendees again took to their seats so that a formal panel could take place. This eventually led to the end of the night and a lot to think about for the prospective engineers in attendance, as well as those that had already been professionals for a number of years. Those engineers who attended the event were even given a quiz on the presentations so that they could gain professional development hours, which is a Continuing Education requirement that they must fulfill to remain licensed.

Overall, the event which was coordinated here by science teacher Mr. Phil Cameron, proved a great success in terms of turnout and reception. Hopefully, this initiative will lead to the further development of our burgeoning engineering program. The STEM night will soon be followed up with an trip to the Schuylkill banks by Mr. Cameron’s Engineering class in order to see for ourselves what ongoing developments have so far led to. With any luck, the continued success of nights like this will lead to increased interest in STEM fields and a greater number of students coming to share in the fun.