Roman Catholic Shows School Spirit at River Field

Declan M. '18, Staff Writer

During the 2014-2015 school year, the Roman Catholic High School family was busy celebrating its 125th year in existence. While it was a year long celebration, everything culminated into one big day of fun for the whole school: Field Day. This was a legendary event, and, as a freshman at the time, I can speak firsthand about the day’s popularity. In the months and even years following, people would bring up casually in conversation how fun and exciting Field Day was, and the electric atmosphere of school spirit that was generated by its occurrence. It was this atmosphere that Roman tried to recapture. Another day of fun, school spirit, and RCHS bonding is exactly what happened on this year’s Spirit Day. It differed slightly from the 125 year anniversary celebration of two years ago, but it did not suffer from those differences. Like Field Day, students were able to come in dressed down and ready for the field’s variety of athletic activities, but the beginning of the day was a little bit different. Rather than having the festivities further down the Parkway be the only focus of the day, the morning brought with it a few riveting rounds of our own version of Family Feud, which students had the opportunity to sign up for a few days in advance. After this is when the journey to River Field began. Once there, the student body was met with water ice, sports, a dunk tank, water, and ample space in which to have a great day. As the day drew to a close, things settled down a bit and the crowd started thinning, though a few students stayed behind to help clean up. All in all, Spirit Day was a great success, and the faculty and administration deserve a warm thanks for organizing such an event for the benefit of the Roman Catholic family.