A Taste of Life Beyond Roman: A Reflection on Career Week

Stephen H. '19, Staff Writer

During the week of May 15th-19th, students at Roman were given an inside look at some of the many occupations available to them after they graduate. My classes were visited by members of various professions including Steamfitters in the journeyman business, EMT paramedics, two astrophysicists, and even an epidemiologist. While each presenter took a different path to their respective jobs, they all had the same advice. Each urged students to find the job that was right for them, as working in an occupation that you dislike will only make you unhappy. Personally, I found the two steamfitters to be the best presenters as they gave us informative pamphlets, showed us a journeyman’s increasing salary based on the number of years in the business and most importantly, they detailed how and when you could become a steamfitter.
Many of the students who met these professionals came out well educated in the different sections of the work force. For example, Daniel McGinley ’19 said “I enjoyed learning about the different jobs and what you would do on a regular basis if you were to go into that field, especially the EMT’s. It was interesting to hear what EMT’s have to deal with every day and how they know exactly what to do in all situations that they come across.” Connor Lord ’19 said “Career week was very informative for me. I come from a family who is involved in the union but none of which are in the steamfitters. To understand what the steamfitters do and how they do it was very entertaining and didactic.” Career Week certainly gave students something to think about as they work towards their goals in a future careers.