Spring Sports End With Fanfare

Brendan S. '19, Staff Writer

Spring sports teams ended their seasons with success here at Broad and Vine.
After a great start to the season, the Volleyball team worked
really hard to get to the PCL play-offs. Even though they were defeated by Archbishop Wood in the 5th and final match it was still a very close match.
Going into the playoffs as underdog, your Cahillite Baseball players battled
hard going up against Father Judge. After a hard fought battle all game long, the Team’s playoff run was cut short.
Who can forget about our Tennis Team? Although the team got off to a rocky start, they finished the season strong. The team was very young, consisting of mostly sophomores and freshmen. They are hoping to get people interested to play in the Table Tennis tournament at the end
of the year. They also send their thanks to coach Patrick Shanahan.
The Rugby Team also has ended. Sadly, the playoff birth was cut short due to a lose at the hands of La Salle, however they did not go down easily, playing a hard-fought game. They also won their last game against Cardinal O’Hara, and left the field with their heads held high despite being snubbed in the playoffs.
Even though our Roman Laxers ended the PCL season 1-9, they are not letting that get in their way at all. The Team is still young and is looking to come back stronger than ever next season. They play hard and fight for every game they play! They are shooting for the playoffs next season.
Down by the river, it was very exciting end to the season as the whole Crew team
qualified for Nationals. Even though they fell short, they fought hard. The Varsity Quad, JV
Quad, and Lightweight missed finals by just seconds! Nevertheless, it was still a strong season.
Finally, the Outdoor Track and Field Team’s season has ended. They had a great end to the season with personal records set by every person on the team! Even though our Cahillites fell short of the PCL Championship we continued to battle at Districts, and as a result five people qualified for States. Senior Captain Sean Brown ended his final season in Roman Track History, not only breaking his own personal best, but setting the Roman Mile Record at 4:18. That is a record which will not likely be broken for years to come.
We want to thank every student athlete who competed in Sports this year and wish them well in the upcoming year too!