Success Rings True for the Juniors at Annual Class Mass

Billy M. '19, Staff Writer

Junior year is filled with so many milestones, including the SAT, Junior Prom, and the start of college exploration. However, it is this event the reality of graduation truly sets in: the Ring Mass. Once you receive your ring, it hits you just how fast the end of your high school career is approaching, but it also signifies the start of your new career as a future college student. As Father Check wonderfully put it, “It is an end, but also a beginning.”
The juniors arrived at the Cathedral-Basilica with their families, anticipating the beginning of the mass and the arrival of the rings. As we celebrated the Eucharist you could feel the excitement in the Basilica as we waited for the ring presentation. When the time finally came we eagerly listened for our names to be called. Jostens once again did a phenomenal job of crafting the rings, which every student customized.
Following the mass we all gathered with family, friends and classmates as we showed off our hardware. It was especially nice to see students with a relative who was a Roman alum. These students were able to share their special day with a loved one who once was in their position, receiving a ring at a Roman ring mass. I’m sure it was a special moment that those students will never forget.
Overall it was an amazing night and an incredible moment in time for all those students receiving rings. The ring is a symbol of hard work, dedication and faith. We all made a commitment to be the best students and representatives of Roman Catholic High School. We will all proudly wear our rings and faithfully carry on the tradition of this amazing institution.