Student Council Elections Signal Bright Future

George G. '19, Staff Writer

On April 20th, Roman Catholic High School held it’s annual Student Council elections. Students gathered in their homerooms to listen to what each candidate had to offer and then made their choices for next year’s candidates. Roman Catholic was fortunate enough to have been given many great candidates for each position (President, Vice President, Secretary, and Head of Public Relations), but winners needed to be chosen. The student body listened, as the candidates gave their well-prepared speeches. Nearly every candidate stressed the importance of Roman Catholic pride in their speech. After the final speech concluded, the student body deliberated over their ballots and made their decisions. The students would have to wait until 8th period to hear the results of the election.

The results sounded over the loudspeaker. The winners were Joshua Picciotti – President, Greg Maddox – Vice President, David Waskiewicz – Secretary, and Matt Thomas – Public Relations. Each of them earned a well-deserved victory, and Roman Catholic is extremely fortunate to have gained these leaders.

Each of the newly elected Student Council Officers possess attributes that will suit them well in their new jobs. Dedication is the most obvious quality that they wield. Whether it be in sports, extracurricular activities , or community service, each new leader has shown that they will try their hardest to complete their goals. They have also demonstrated their desire to get involved at Roman Catholic High School. There is no reason to believe that this hard work should stop now. As a matter of fact, next years’ Student Council has already gotten to work. Incoming President, Josh Picciotti, has already cashed in on his promise of promoting an annual spirit day at River Field. He has worked strenuously with current President, Leroy Brown, in promoting the spirit day on May, 17th. With any luck, this will become a yearly tradition at Catholic High.

With the new Student Council off to a good start, there seems to be a lot to look forward to during the following year at Roman.