Class of 2022: 2017th Grade Visitation Day

Billy M. '18, Staff Writer

Smiling faces, roaring cheers, and a sea of purple and gold: It must have been Visitation Day! On Wednesday, March 29th, thousands of seventh graders in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia had the opportunity to experience a day in the life at an archdiocesan high school, and of these thousands of students, a whopping 296 young men decided to spend their day at Roman Catholic!

At the start of the day, the 7th graders gathered in the cafeteria of Catholic High, some grouping with their old friends, others making new ones. They were then sent up to the gym, where they were treated to a number of songs by our fantastic band. After they were settled in, Father Bongard, Mr. Conroy, Mr. Tarducci, and Class President Leroy Brown spoke with the students about the various aspects and traditions of Roman Catholic. Afterwards, they were broken up into twelve groups and sent to respective homerooms.

The excitement throughout the halls began to grow, as each homeroom found out that they were either on the Purple or Gold Team, and a friendly rivalry spread among the 7th graders. Throughout the day, the students went from classroom to classroom, meeting several teachers excited to share interesting stories and pieces of information about the school. After eating lunch and attending a few more classes, the real excitement began.

The Battle of the Purple and Gold is an event looked forward to by the 7th graders, Roman students, and faculty alike. Before the festivities took place, students were randomly given stickers telling them the game in which they would participate. Once settled in the gym and separated by team color, the games began. First, the students were in for a treat watching members of our varsity basketball team compete in a dunk contest. Then, the Battle commenced. Jump ropes, push-ups, balloon popping, free throws, and tug-of-war were just some of the exciting events that took place. The school was flooded with cheers and exhilaration. After the thrilling competition, the students returned to their homerooms, watched an excellent video recounting their day, and were then dismissed.

Hopefully after that fantastic Visitation Day, the Roman Catholic Class of 2022 will be the largest and most enthusiastic yet!