For Future Cahillites, Open House = An Opening to the Future

Declan M. '18, Staff Writer

On March 19th Roman Catholic High School welcomed the fresh new faces of prospective students to the Spring Open House. Many eighth graders have already committed to their future high schools by the time this event rolls around each year (with a large amount of them coming to Roman), so this comes as a time to welcome the even younger generation of possible Cahillites here at Catholic High. This crowd comprising mostly seventh graders found themselves in the bustling environment of our school, surrounded by the long and storied history that envelops everyone that walks these halls, as well as a few of the familiar faces of the Roman Ambassadors.

The prospective students and their parents started their day just like much of our own student body: walking through the Vine St. doors that lead into Renaissance Hall. They then made their way up to the information center where they were all given a quick primer of everything to do with Roman before joining one of the ambassador led tour groups and getting to see the school. These tours went to a few classrooms where they learned more in depth information about facets of student life such as academics and athletics. After the guided portion of their tour, the eager young minds were turned loose in the third floor gym, getting tome to peruse the booths representing the clubs and sports that find their home at Roman. This was the end of their brief view of the Catholic High Open House, and they were left with a lot to think about in regards to the exciting road ahead of them. Hopefully, many of those eager faces that entered on March 19th will find themselves entering many times in the future wearing the Purple and Gold.