2016 Varsity Football: Passion and Purpose

Billy M. '18 and Declan M. '18

Football is as ubiquitous in American high schools as school lunch programs. Roman Catholic High School is no exception the prevalence of this popular school sport. Roman’s football team has been a staple of the school for almost a hundred years, having won its first PCL championship 1922, and most recently in 2007. So, what are the secrets to maintaining a football team for a century? Head Coach James Murphy took a moment to sit down and talk to us about his team’s inner workings.

Since Coach Murphy took the reins almost a decade ago, he’s led the team to the best of his ability and pushed them to achieve their full potential. When you hope for a championship run, as Coach Murphy says he does, there’s no room for not putting everything you have into your practice. When asked if Roman Catholic Football was doing anything different this year to try and improve on their results, he said “There’s no secret, you just work harder.” It must have worked; during his interview, Coach Murphy was eagerly awaiting his team’s game against Archbishop Ryan as he was anticipating a nice win. Turns out expectations were correct; Roman won the game with a score of 24-14. This positive attitude and work ethic also produced wins against West Catholic Prep, Archbishop Carroll, and Roxborough High in the annual Thanksgiving game. The overall record of 5-8 does not reflect the heart and hard work our Cahillites achieve year and and year out.