Teacher Spotlight: Meet Mr. Travaline!

Brendan S. '19, Staff Writer

Having been told to interview one new teacher for “The Cahillite,” I chose Mr. Joseph Travaline. He inspires me, and other students of our American Government class, to take an interest in our government, starting with the Constitution up to our recent Presidential election.     

Known as “TMr. Trav” to the students, Mr. Travaline graduated from Roman Catholic in 2011, then went on to attend Chestnut Hill College. He stated that he chose that school because it was known to have a good curriculum for teachers.    

Mr. Travaline stated that he decided to become a teacher because “if I had to spend forty hours a week working, I want to spend the time helping to teach other people.”  

When asked who inspired him to become a teacher, Mr. Travaline replied that “there were several teachers at Roman that influenced and inspired me to become a teacher.” He then went on to state that “I am honored to be a part of the long-standing Roman Catholic tradition and work along side these great men and women.”    

And what is his favorite part of working at Roman? “It’s the tradition, environment, and the atmosphere,” he said. Then when asked if he was also enjoying his time teaching at Roman, he enthusiastically responded “Living the dream!”