A Little Rain Can’t Stop the Cahillites

Edward M. '19, Staff Writer

It may have been cold and it may have been wet, but neither of those two things could stop the large number of students, parents, and alumni from making this year’s Roman Run great. This impressive group of people, despite the uninviting conditions, managed to pull themselves out of bed on October 9th to make it to Kelly Drive as early as 7:00 am on a cold Sunday morning, rather than sleeping in and enjoying the rainy morning inside.

The rhythm of the runner’s feet overcame the sound of traffic that morning as the dedicated army of gladiators roared down Kelly Drive for 3.2 miles, all of which was filled with puddles, mud, and cheers. Plenty of students were there supporting the runners with both words and water, which, ironically, seemed unnecessary with the downpour.

According to Tyler McNabb ‘19, running in the race with the inclement weather, “made it difficult, but the thrill as you finish really overwhelmed the fact that you can’t feel your fingers”. This just goes to show that no matter what Mother Nature throws at Roman, Roman will triumph through it stronger than before.