Bonjour from Afar: Bon Appetit

Ryan K. '22, Staff Writer

While the Coronavirus rages on around the world and we are locked inside, life can become boring. We cannot see our friends, go to school, or go to restaurants which makes life boring. Although we cannot do things that involve going outside or seeing people, we can make life fun inside. Baking is something that many people have been doing while in quarantine. There are so many things to bake which will be delicious when finished. My French teacher, Ms. Keenan, has been giving her French students recipes for us to make. I made crêpes, and they were delicious! Most teenagers have been playing video games to pass the time, and that’s fun too. I also have been expanding my knowledge in French by taking online classes. Learning another language during quarantine is both fun and can expand our knowledge. Another way to expand our knowledge during this time is by doing our work and studying. No one has fun studying, but it will give everyone something to do and help us when we return to school. The main thing that we can do during quarantine is spend time with our family. This virus is very bad but we can make the most of it by being with our family. This is the best time to be with our family, and we should cherish every moment with them.