Christ Beyond Broad & Vine


A screenshot from one of Roman’s weekly rosaries.

Charlie M. '23, Staff Writer

During this time there are many things that are important. What comes to mind for me is staying clean, staying far enough from others, and staying close to God. This is where I found myself praying the rosary. The Archdiocese of Philadelphia Office for New Evangelization began a Rosary Campaign on March 13th. What was originally planned to be a ten day campaign has turned into a nightly ritual for us to pray as a community since we cannot attend mass and receive the sacraments.  Roman, it is worth noting, has followed the lead of the Archdiocese as we too have held weekly Rosary sessions and recitations of the Divine Mercy Chaplet on Facebook Live.

Meghan Cokeley, Director, Office for the New Evangelization organized this campaign and I contacted her so that I could learn more about it.  “In March when I started to see the Coronavirus taking over entire communities and shutting down Mass participation, it came to me quite strongly that we needed to stand up and fight spiritually against this disease” said Ms. Cokeley.  The first night 490 households joined her Zoom webinar and it has attracted up to 2500 households since. Each night Meghan or another Director from her office will lead the prayers joined with others priests, deacons and families.  Participants can use the chat box in Zoom to say “hi” and name their parish or a special intention.  Although most people are from the Philadelphia area, people have joined from Trinidad, Canada, Colombia.

As we go through this unpredictable time, praying the rosary is such a powerful and positive way to continue our faith as a community.  Ms. Cokeley is really energetic and you can tell that she has put her heart and soul into this campaign. She said, “The Rosary brings peace and joy to a person’s life in a way that we can’t imagine until we start praying it.”  We could all use more peace and joy at this time.