Sports on Hold

Antonio C. '23, Staff Writer

Many sports organizations took major financial hits due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The NFL took the greatest hit according to sports journalist Ian Rapoport. At this moment, the NFL has lost an upwards of 250 million dollars due to limited ticket sales. However, the merchandise has been up 4.5% from last year’s sales. Jersey sales have only given a total of 10 percent of the NFL’s net profit. It is now coming to the players’ attention that their contracts will be delayed because of the circumstances. Players will most likely get less money due to the teams losses in sales and funds. However, the players that have signed their contracts are guaranteed their salary. The NFL has announced that there will be no tickets sold until this is taken care of. Due to everything, they most likely will not be able to play for the 2021 football season. For the 2022 season, we will see if they can start it up again. Let’s hope they do!