Reflections on a Great Four Years


Kyle E. '20, Staff Writer

I was really happy to wake up on a Friday morning to be greeted by Sister Jane with a sign and her comment “congratulations Kyle, keep up the hard work.” This really showed that the Roman faculty and staff really do care about each and every student. It is really the best place I could have attended high school even though this wasn’t the way to have it end. I wouldn’t trade my four years at Roman for anything! From being taught life lessons by Mr. McNulty my freshman year, to learning Spanish from Mrs. Berrios and Ms. Canavan, I have made so many great friends and brothers for life. I know it’s a cliche to say “enjoy your time in high school because it ends before you know it.” But you must enjoy it, because it can end any second. Roman Catholic is the best high school in the country. Purple and Gold, today, tomorrow, and forever! The greatest high school ever will be missed but will always hold a special place inside of my heart.