Senior Surprise: Lawn Signs


Kyle M. '20, Staff Writer

Who knew our senior year would end physically on March 12, 2020? Who would have imagined that a global pandemic could close Roman Catholic High School, and schools all across the country? Who knew our prom, yearbook signing and graduation would all be postponed, and quite possibly be canceled all together? We didn’t get to say goodbye to our friends, some of whom we may never see again. We didn’t get to thank our teachers and faculty for their support and guidance. Our “last time” memories were all cut short. Just when I thought there was no possibility of having any more memories of my senior year, I heard a knock on my front door. To my surprise it was Mr. Greg with a “Congratulations Seniors” sign. He said, “Kyle, we at Roman are extremely proud of you. Congratulations!” I could not have been more wrong in thinking all my last memories were done. Thank you Roman Catholic and thank you Mr. Greg!