Runner Tracks Growth: An Athletics Reflection

Joe U. '20, Staff Writer

When I joined track my freshman year, I didn’t exactly know what I was getting myself into. I had run my 8th-grade year, but that was about the extent of my experience with the sport. I didn’t know then of the amazing experiences I would have, friends I would make, and lessons I would learn in running for four short years. Track at Roman is special. The sport has some of the most supportive and understanding people I’ve encountered. Everyone is constantly pushing each other in a competitive but healthy way. Egos are checked at the door, and when they aren’t, a couple of long runs together will quickly extinguish them. It didn’t take long for these strangers to become like brothers to me. Any amount of frustration felt with a bad race was easily dealt with, as the team quickly became a support system of people with anecdotes of their own personal failures. This was no more evident anywhere than from the coaching. The track coaches always kept a healthy balance of support while still pushing us to be better runners through hard work. Track at Roman, looking back as a senior, will be something I will forever cherish. It is regrettable that all of us athletes lost out on our spring season to build even more memories!