Life During COVID-19


Colin L. '21, Staff Writer

The impacts of COVID-19 on America are extremely surprising and worrying. When we were originally informed about it in about mid-January, it seemed pretty contained in China. At the time, I would have never expected it to make its way over into the US.

Currently, schools are indefinitely closed and everything was moved to a virtual learning environment. One positive thing we can get out of this is to learn from our history. If a virus like this ever were to come again we will be better prepared. Early on, Montgomery County, my county, had the most cases. were not officially shut down until March 20th. By March 22nd, my aunts who are nurses, my cousins in the military and national guard, doctors in the family, NP’s and my Dad who trucks at UPS were all still working. For me though, the only time I regularly get outside is to walk my dog for about ten minutes each day. I would have never imagined leaving my house with a mask, but now the CDC advises that we all must do so. It is imperative that we self-quarantine indefinitely as those with the underlying conditions could be affected.

Corona is Latin for Crown, as the virus looks crown-like with pointy spikes around the circle. The problem with this virus is that it’s never been seen before, hence the panic for a medicine (especially a vaccine). This has a projection of spreading dangerously, and especially today when people are all over the place traveling, it seems clear what could happen if we did not quarantine. The virus could also take two to fourteen days for symptoms to emerge in a person, so people who have it and do not know it could spread it around overwhelmingly.

The economic stimulus bill should provide relief efforts to those who were impacted by COVID-19. This bill provides relief to those unemployed throughout the state-wide shutdown and families who are still employed also obtain relief as well. This bill’s objective is to also provide relief to small businesses, especially non-life-sustaining businesses who are closed during this time. The positive aspects seem to be consisting of more family time, and much more time to myself. I seem to watch the news nonstop. I take interest in watching how the Government manages daily affairs. Watching our state secretary of health Dr. Levine and Dr. Arkoosh, Montgomery county commissioner chair, brief the situation every day is fascinating for me. It is very interesting when they explain possibly vaccinations like hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin to assist those affected by the virus. We are still waiting for a solution, though.

Personally, I am getting a lot more sleep, it’s less stressful as well; no more tennis, or hustling and bustling around the school during the day. I am reading a little bit more and performing my favorite hobbies. To some extent, virtual classes seem good even though they take up the entire forth quarter.  Remember to ‘Stay Safe & Stay Home!’