Spanish Class Students Learn about Social Justice and Medicine


Daniel D. '23, Staff Writer

Today I will be reflecting on a visitor that talked to us about the cruelty people at the border face who spoke in Ms. Keenan’s Spanish classes in Early March, before our national lock down. Dr. Alec McGinley, son of School Nurse, Mrs. Grace McGinley, came in to talk about his own experience as a doctor, person, and as a U.S citizen. Dr. McGinley presently works at Temple University’s Medical Center, but previously spent time working on the United States-Mexico border offering medical assistance to those without access to good health care. 

Dr. McGinley explained to us how our government treats these helpless people, who often lack homes let alone health insurance. No matter how sick they are or how much danger they are in, many refuse to support these people. Most who get sent back have nowhere to live and are left to survive in the most dangerous places on the border. Why? Why do we throw away people that can help us? My personal opinion is that this is a terrible way to treat people and this also gives us a bad reputation. All we have to do is show us that we are willing to take people in. Peace should be the way of every conflict. It has never ended this way because of wars and violence throughout our country.

It was a valuable experience to hear from someone who has worked with those on the margins as part of a class.